CEO, Co-Founder | Cultivate Advisors

Casey Clark

Casey understands the freedom and frustrations that come with running a business and knows what it takes to succeed.

Casey started his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 10 when he started rollerblading paper routes. By 18, he was running his own franchise, and before he even graduated college, he employed and oversaw over 60 people. He had the top producing franchise out of 600 across North America and grew the business from 15 franchisees to over 90, increasing revenue 5x before a successful exit.

In 2013, Casey started Cultivate Advisors with his co-founder Dan Gramann because he was determined to help other entrepreneurs navigate growth in their businesses without sacrificing their personal lives.

As an Advisor, Casey partners with his clients on their vision and helps them figure out how to achieve their objectives. He is a master problem-solver assisting clients in getting over the hurdles in their businesses to reach their goals. 

As a business partner, he helps his clients get a holistic view of their financial health by slowing down to talk about numbers. Then, he breaks down even complex problems into one or two elements to help them break through their barriers of growth.

Casey also helps his clients set up structures and boundaries for success in their personal lives. Unfortunately, business owners are at high risk of burnout, addiction, suicide, and divorce. He is passionate about reversing this trend, and helping entrepreneurs get their life back without sacrificing their business or success.

He has assisted clients across industries and helped them build the business they dream of by taking tactical actions for growth. For example, one of Casey’s clients was worth three million dollars, but one customer made up two million of that. Under Casey’s supervision, they fired the customer and grew their revenue to $17 million in four years. He helped them make the difficult decisions necessary to create that growth.

Casey doesn’t just advise clients; As the CEO, Casey has grown Cultitivate Advisors to over 100 employees and has made Inc’s top 5000 private companies three years in a row. Developing a methodology and utilizing those principles has allowed Cultivate Advisors to make a real impact by helping thousands of companies build stronger and healthier businesses.

When Casey isn’t running Cultivate Advisors and helping entrepreneurs, you can find him playing hockey and dancing around the house with his kids.