Chief Technology Officer | Performance Platforms

Will MacMillan

Will MacMillan has been with Cultivate Advisors from nearly the beginning. From early on, Will was excited by the opportunity of helping companies grow.

Starting as an advisor in 2016, Will saw the impact they could make on talented business owners who needed the tools and strategies to run a successful company. He moved on to become the senior VP of Operations, where MacMillan oversaw the training of most of the senior Cultivate team. Now, as the Senior Vice President of Technology and Community, he gets to offer leaders the tools they need to make connections and be successful.

Will has always had a knack for understanding and organizing underlying processes. As a result, he pursued a degree in chemical engineering and because of this skillset he learned how to build and optimize chemical plants. Instead of using his talent and expertise in the chemical industry, though, Will pursued business ownership and opened a franchise. He optimized his business and grew from franchisee to franchisor.

It was then that Will was approached by Cultivate founders Casey and Dan with their exciting new idea to coach business leaders. In the beginning, he admits, he wasn’t sure how necessary that business idea was. However, Will agreed to come to Chicago and sit in on client meetings. As Will spoke with the business leaders and they opened up about their challenges, he began to see how critical business advising is.

Many of the owners he talked to didn’t have a plan to grow and scale. They were not successful by accident and excelled at what they did. But these leaders were building without rhyme or reason and had no processes or systems. It was then that Will became passionate about bringing his skill for organization, processes, and growing companies to Cultivate Advisors.

Will loves building trust with leaders and getting them to open up about their struggles running a business. He helps them streamline, automate, and put processes in place that help them be more intentional about their time, energy, and future.

Now that he is VP of Tech and Community, Will is involved in giving leaders the tools they need to succeed. Many small business owners feel like they are duct-taped together without the resources to succeed. Will’s goal is to create software that gives them the structure they need to organize their businesses and spend time where it counts.

When not at Cultivate, Will loves spending time with his wife and two kids. He lives in Alberta, Canada, and is often outdoors in the local mountains with his family.