Cultivating a Community for Business Growth


Empowering Businesses

At Cultivate Brands, our story began in 2013 with a shared passion: empowering businesses to thrive. Casey Clark and Dan Gramann, the founders, started by building their advisory client base, laying the groundwork for what would become Cultivate Advisors. Since then, Cultivate has expanced into a community where business owners can connect, share experiences, and leverage a wealth of resources designed to propel their businesses beyond expectations.

Our Journey

  • Casey Clark & Dan Gramann start HFI Consulting LLC (now Cultivate Advisors).

  • We refine our model and build a foundation of successful client relationships.

  • The Cultivate Advisors team expands to include 10 talented advisors.

  • We rebrand as Cultivate Advisors and establish our vision: "A World Made Better by Entrepreneurs."

  • Cultivate Advisors is recognized as the #280 fastest-growing private company in the U.S. by Inc. 5000.

  • Cultivate Advisors acquires Breakwater Accounting, bringing comprehensive financial support to our entrepreneur community.

  • Cultivate Brands launches, creating a centralized hub to empower business owners.

  • Cultivate Advisors introduces the 3X group advisory program, designed to support businesses under $500k in annual revenue.

  • Casey Clark, CEO named Entrepreneur of the Year & Recipient of Gold Stevie Award

  • Petra Coach joins the Cultivate Brands family, expanding our coaching services for low-to-mid-market companies