Our Mission

Cultivate Brands is on a mission to partner with business owners to deliver bespoke solutions that allow owners to propel their businesses beyond expectations.

Our Vision

Cultivate, Breakwater and Performance Platforms form a business and financial operations advising powerhouse for owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders, all while staying committed to strong client relationships and personalized service.

Together, we are creating a better world for entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Casey Clark

CEO & Co-Founder of Cultivate Advisors

Lee Podolsky

CEO & Founder of Breakwater Accounting + Advisory Corp

Will MacMillan

Chief Technology Officer of Cultivate Advisors

Dan Gramann

Co-Founder of Cultivate Advisors

Jeremy Round

People Team Lead & Partner at Cultivate Advisors

Jodi Sutley

Director of Recruiting at Cultivate Advisors

Cultivate Brands is a recognized industry leader and has helped over 3000 business owners achieve world class results.

The story behind Cultivate Brands
Cultivate Brands was founded by Casey Clark and Dan Gramann in 2013 when they realized their passion for helping businesses. Slowly the two began building their books of business while paving the way for Cultivate Advisors. Today, Cultivate has grown into a community where owners can look to each other for support while having access to resources they can use to propel their businesses beyond expectations.